Gas Powered Pulling Winch – GX 50 CC with Accessories
Gas Powered Pulling Winch – GX 50 CC with Accessories

Gas Powered Pulling Winch – GX 50 CC with Accessories

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Part Number:PCW4000-A

Launched in 2020, designed after having listened to our wincher’s community to fulfill another need.

The PCW4000 features a centrifugal clutch that activates when you pull the rope. The more you pull, the more throttle you give. When the tension on the rope is released, the drum stops spinning and the Progress Capture System (PCS) holds the load flawlessly in position! A simple lateral movement is all it takes to disengage the rope. Easy to secure and easy to disengage!

This model is powered by the 360° inclinable 4-stroke Honda GX50 engine for smooth performance and reliability, offering a remarkable pulling force of 1,000 kg (2,200 lb). Add a pulley system of two double pulleys; you can pull up to five times (5x) the pulling capacity, for a total of 5,000 kg (11,000 lb)!

The PCW4000-A includes the following items:

  • PCW4000 Gas Powered Winch (PCW4000) with Max. pulling force: 2,200 lbs.
  • Rope bag to store and carry your rope
  • 50 m (164 ft) rope for smooth pulling operations
  • RopeWizer™ - The Easy Splice to retain nearly 100% of the capacity of your rope and easily attach the carabiner
  • Single pulley to either deviate the pull angle or double the power of the winch
  • Steel locking carabiners 2x; one to link the pulley to the sling and one for the end of your rope
  • Safety Hook with Latch to place at the end of the rope to easily attach to the load
  • 2 m (6-1/2 ft) Polyester sling to attach the pulley to a tree for example
  • 2.5 m (8-1/4 ft) round polyester sling to anchor the winch wherever you need it!

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