Portable Winch - PCW5000
Portable Winch - PCW5000

Portable Winch - PCW5000

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The PCW5000 is the perfect tool for those in need of some extra pulling power. This capstan Winch pulls 2,200 lbs. on a single line at 40 ft. per minute while only weighing 35 lbs. This piece of equipment is great for several applications including Forestry/Arboriculture, Landscaping, Hunting, Search and Rescue, Marine, Construction.

The PCW5000 is powered by a 50cc GXH Honda 4-Stroke engine and the pull is created using capstan drum technology. The main advantage to this type of technology is that, firstly, there is no limit to the length of the pull, only how long your section of rope is. secondly, the capacity for what the equipment can pull always remains the same. With a traditional Warn or Lewis winch which spools up on itself, the capacity for what it can pull only refers to when the wire fully drawn out. When that wire is spooled up, it can only pull at half its capacity.

The PCW5000 comes with a 6 ft. polyester sling (PCA-1260) to be used for anchoring around a tree stump or pole. Rope is not included. The recommended rope is 1/2” double Braided Polyester for ideal synching on to the drum. However, any low stretch polyester rope that is ½” in diameter or less should work. For clarification on if your type of rope will work with the capstan drum, please give us a call.

One main advantage to this type of equipment that separates The Portable Winch from others in the winch industry is the versatility of speed and capacities that the Portable Winch can pull. For instance, the PCW5000 comes with the 2-1/4” capstan drum which will allow for pulling speeds of up to 40 ft. per minute, but if you require faster speeds with less capacity, you can purchase a replacement drum with a 3-3/8” diameter drum (PCA-1100) and increase your pulling speed up to 60 ft. per minute. Conversely, if higher capacities are what you need, you can purchase pulleys (PCA-1273 and PCA-1274) and double or triple you pulling power by rigging a ‘block and tackle’ but losing the speed in which it can pull.

Please contact a West Coast Winch Representative to see which model can best suit your application.

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