Portable Winch - PCW3000
Portable Winch - PCW3000

Portable Winch - PCW3000

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The PCW3000 is the light and more versatile option of our 2 models. This Capstan Winch pulls over 1,500 lbs. on a single line at a rate of 26 ft. per minute while only weighing 20 lbs. This piece of equipment is ideal for many different applications most notably Hunting, but also Marine/Boating and Landscaping to name a few.

The PCW3000 runs on a GX 35cc Honda 4-Stroke 360° Inclinable Engine. This is the world’s first “All-Position” engine. This technology involves a rotary-slinger lubrication system that keeps the oil in a completely misted state and circulates it using pressure fluctuations generated by the movement of the piston. What does this mean in collaboration with the Portable Winch? The unit can be stored and will run in any position without risk of flooding the engine. This is ideal for a hunter that wants to put the PCW3000 in their pack and trek into the forest with it. Look at the PCW3000-HK to see the case and backpack attachment for easy transportation.

The PCW3000 comes with a 6 ft. polyester sling (PCA-1260) to be used for anchoring around a tree stump or pole. Rope is not included. The recommended rope is 3/8” Double Braided Polyester for ideal synching on to the drum. However, any low stretch polyester rope that is 1/2” in diameter or less should work. For clarification on if your type of rope will work with the capstan drum, please give us a call.

The real advantage to this model of Portable Winch that separates itself from other winches in the industry is the size and weight of this portable equipment. With a traditional winch like Warn or Lewis, the user is limited to the power of electricity or hydraulics from their vehicle and therefore is not able to access remote locations where the user would travel by foot. Additionally, with a Chainsaw winch, the user wouldn’t require electric or hydraulic power but would be burdened with the weight of in some cases upwards of 75 lbs. as not only do you require the winch, but also a chainsaw to power it as well.

Please contact a West Coast Winch Representative to see which model can best suit your application.

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