Forestry Kit (PCW4000)
Forestry Kit (PCW4000)

Forestry Kit (PCW4000)

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The PCW4000 Forestry Kit was designed to suit the needs of Arborists, Loggers, and all tree care professionals. A day working with trees can be hard work. Our goal with this kit was to make that work easier.

It includes the skidding cone (PCA-1290), which prevents logs from getting stuck in roots, stumps and other obstacles. Its shape allows it to slide along the residual trees, thus avoiding injuries during regeneration. The 3/8'' x 164' rope allows you to reach trees where they are. As for the single pulley (PCA-1275), it will be useful to deviate the load or to double the pulling force if need be.

Combined with the 2,200-lb power offered by the winch PCW4000, you will obtain 4,400 lb of force!

Also included in this kit is a Grab hook, snatch block, and two carabiners to help assist your pulling needs. Use these accessories to pull even heavier loads more securely than the Winch is capable of alone.

An interesting alternative to the kit PCW5000-FK to get some wood out and face all the situations encountered in the forest!

The PCW4000 Forestry Kit includes the following:

  • Gas powered winch (PCW4000) with Max. pulling force : 2200 lbs.
  • Transport bag for winch and accessories (PCA-0106) - 2" x 6 ft.
  • Polyester sling (PCA-1260) - 2" x 6 ft.
  • Double braided polyester rope (PCA-1205M) - 3/8" x 164 ft.
  • Rope bag - vinyl (PCA-1255) - Holds 1/2" x 164 ft.
  • Stainless steel swing side snatch block (PCA-1274)
  • Steel oval locking carabiner - (x2) (PCA-1323)
  • Grab hook with latch and 3 chain links (PCA-1282)
  • Skidding cone for logs up to 20" diameter (PCA-1290)
  • Choker Chain - 0.25" x 6 ft.w/ C-hook and steel rod (PCA-1295)

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