Large Hunting Kit
Large Hunting Kit

Large Hunting Kit

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Part Number:PCW5000-HK

The Large Hunting Kit is designed to suit the needs of Hunters that require a little extra pulling power.

This Hunting Kit features the PCW5000 Portable Winch, our most popular and powerful model. This Winch can pull up to 2,200 lbs. which would handle almost any Moose or Elk, while at the same time only weighing 35 lbs. The light weight of the Winch allows for transportation into the most remote areas. Along with the Winch, the Large Hunting Kit includes many accessories, such as Polyester Slings used to attach the Winch to a tree, and 328 ft. of ½” Double Braided Polyester Rope and Rope Bag designed specifically for the PCW5000’s Capstan Drum technology. It also comes with a handy carrying case with molded inserts for accessories as well as the hitch plate for a 2" ball hook.

Also, included in this kit are a Grab Hooks, Snatch Blocks, and 4 carabiners to help assist your pulling needs. these accessories could be used to create a Mechanical Advantage to increase your pulling power to 4,400 lbs. You would lose half the speed of the unit but can come in very handy for vehicle recovery.

Savings of over $115 by purchasing this kit rather than the individual part numbers!

The Large Hunting Kit includes the following:

  • Gas powered winch (PCW5000) with Max. pulling force : 2200 lbs.
  • Transport case w/molded shapes - (PCA-0100)
  • Double braided polyester rope (PCA-1213M) - 1/2" x 328 ft.
  • Rope bag - vinyl (PCA-1256) - Holds 1/2" x 328 ft.
  • Stainless steel swing side snatch block - (x2) (PCA-1274)
  • Polyester sling (PCA-1259) - (x2) 2" x 8 ft.
  • Hitch plate winch anchor - PCA-1261
  • Steel oval locking carabiner - (x4) (PCA-1323)
  • Safety Hook - (PCA-1281)
  • Grab hook with latch and 3 chain links (PCA-1282)
  • HPPE Rope Choker - 3/8" x 7 ft. w/ steel rod (PCA-1372)

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