Lithium Battery Winch - PCW3000-Li

Lithium Battery Winch - PCW3000-Li

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Only available as the kit (PCW3000-Li-ABK) at this time.
Part Number:PCW3000-Li

The PCW3000-Li is the only battery-powered portable capstan winch in the world!

Portable Winch Co. innovates again in introducing this new winch model. Featuring a 1.0 KW electric engine that can take 80/82 Volts Lithium-Ion batteries, this self-powered winch will allow you to work effortlessly!

Powerful, with a continuous pulling force of 1500 lbs. and a peak of 2200 lbs., users will be able to accomplish laborious tasks with ease. Lightweight, only 21 lbs., it can be carried where it is needed. Requiring zero maintenance (gas-free), it will always be ready to use!

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